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Founder of Lite Pink

Aisha Marshall

Forbes 30 Under 30

Patrice Washington

Founder of Seek Wisdom Find Wealth

Jess Ekstrom

Founder of Headbands of Hope &
Write Bright Pages

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Mental Edge Coach

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Founder of ProjectME

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Founder of Coaches & Co

We asked what it really takes to create success and step into your most ambitious self.

No Topic Is Off-Limits.

What’s something you wish you would have done sooner when starting your business…

Do you still experience imposter syndrome, and if so how do you work through it?

What were some of the best investments you made in the early stages of your business...

How do you balance “hustle” and “rest”?

How often did you really think about quitting…

PLUS - For a limited time hear the no-BS answers to two BONUS questions.


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Non-Negotiable Habits | Cultivating A Powerhouse Mindset

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20 Successful Women - 20 Questions - 20 No-Fluff Answers

Creator Of BTS & Founder Of Powerhouse Women,
Lindsey Schwartz

Hi, I’m Lindsey - Founder & CEO of Powerhouse Women. A global community for ambitious women to connect, collaborate and have real conversations about their BIG ideas.

When Powerhouse Women was just the seed of an idea, I regularly looked up to successful women and thought “wow, they have it SO altogether”. I’d compare it to myself and how I was constantly second-guessing PW because I was paralyzed by the fear of showing up, dreaming BIG and - the worst of all - failure.

But these Behind The Success stories are the stories I wish I knew when starting out.

Because these incredible women have pushed past EXACTLY what we all feel when dreaming big, actioning our ideas and moving towards something more.

And, guess what? They want to share it with you too!

So grab your favorite bubbly beverage because the Powerhouse Women Behind The Success Stories are available for streaming now.

And remember this…

You’re not meant to do business (or life) alone!

This is a must if you’ve ever wanted to:

Jump towards your dreams but are paralyzed by the fear of failure.

Learn from those who have been in your shoes and come out the other side.

See past the ‘highlight reel’ and uncover true transformation stories (yes, get ready for the not-so-cute-side of success).

Get unstuck when following your BIG idea (trust us, these stories can fill your motivation cup up for a long time)

Feel less alone in making your ambitious ideas a reality.